ISO Certification Multimax

Advice on IBC, SARFAESI & Litigation Management

Multimax” through it's associates has a special DIVISION, which deals with the Securitization Cases and the same is handled by professionals having relative experience in the industry. The main objective of the Division is to assist the Banks and financial institutions including HFC's for enforcing their rights under “Securitization & Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest (SARFAESI) Act '2002'. We act as the Enforcement / Recovery agents of the Banks and help them in recovering their dues from their defaulters.

  • Notices under section 13(2) / Negotiating for settlement.
  • Obtaining CMM / DM orders for possession
  • Taking possession of the mortgaged property
  • Arrangements of safe upkeep / Valuation / Auction of assets possessed
  • Representing the Bank before judicial / quasi – judicial authorities and all related litigation
  • Undertaking collection of EMIs
  • Manpower having 100 hours training certificate / DRA Certificate issued by IIBF.

Litigation Support

  • Litigation related on going legal research
  • Handling all civil / criminal litigations
  • Value addition in High Stake Litigation
  • Single platform for all litigation including against litigation
  • Due-Diligence of Credit Documents / Process